Complete guide to Impounded car insurance

What is impounded car insurance? It’s a question commonly asked when your vehicle is seized for some reason. It could be a little inconvenient to deal with this type of matter especially when you have no idea how to tackle such situations. Having your vehicle impounded could be a real disruptive life racking problem to deal with.  But we have got you covered. with our complete guide, you will have a clear idea of everything about your impounded vehicle.

What is Impounded car insurance ?

If your vehicle has been impounded by the police for whatever reason, you will need a special sort of insurance policy to get back our vehicle. And impound insurance does exactly that it allows you to get your vehicle back on the road again. Your basic car insurance won’t be able to cover your impounded car. You require a special sort of impound car insurance for the police to let you drive it out and to retrieve it appropriately. You can buy insurance that lasts for a whole month(30 days)or you can sign up for yearly annual packages.

Why should I get impounded car insurance?

The answer to that question is pretty obvious,  but we are here to guide you through the process it does not matter what offence got your car impounded, you should have at least  30 days of proper vehicle insurance plan to protect the safe release of your vehicle. But sadly, your existing standard insurance would not be able to cover your seized vehicle. Therefore impounded car insurance is required to fill up that limitation

Your insurance policy should state obviously whether or not it provides impounded car insurance it is worth double checking in case if your car has been impounded.

There are many reasons which can become the cause to get your car impounded. You should beware to keep you and your car safe and secure. 

What can get your car impounded?

The first and foremost reason could be car insurance.  If you have not insured your car your car can get impounded.  Following reasons can become the cause for your vehicle to get charged or seized.

1: One of the most common reasons is when somebody drivers your car without a driving license. In this situation, your car can get seized and chances are that you can get a penalty as well as the owner of the car.

2: When you abandon your car for whatever reason may get your car seized. Leaving your car in the middle of the road or somewhere else where it can cause obstacles can become a problem for you

3: If you don’t pay the road tax you can get a penalty, it is considered crucial worldwide to pay the excise duty of any vehicle that is on the road 

4: If you don’t obey roads rules and regulations. you can easily endanger yourself and your car for legal charges

5: Rash driving and exceeding the speed limit is another cause.

6: parking your car around no parking sign or in a place where it causes obstructions for others can become an issue.

Opt  for a temporary impounded vehicle insurance

It is pretty adaptable to get a flexible insurance plan for your impounded vehicle. A typical temporary insurance plan will not cover the safe and secure release of your vehicle. Because the insurance policy only remains valid for almost  27 days. Our specially designed 30 days impound insurance plan protects your vehicle in every possible way and helps you to get you back on the road.

How to get impounded vehicle insurance?

To get your impound insurance for your vehicle there are certain requirements that you and your vehicle must follow. 

  • You should hold a British driving license
  • You should be aged  20-80 or in between.
  • must be the lawful owner of your vehicle. 
  • Must have no illegal convictions.
  • On the other hand, your vehicle must
  • Not have been modified 
  • Must be a right-handed car
  • And it should not have more than seven seats

Just to be clear, every insurer on our forum has its own eligibility standards and so you should pay close attention to their Proposer’s Statement.